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Protect Your Property from Water Damage

Looking for an outstanding Newcastle waterproofing service? Concerned about cracks in your concrete surfaces? Want caulking or joint sealing for a new home or renovation? Be sure to call Consider It Sealed Waterproofing. Working with advanced equipment, we’ll ensure the interior and exterior of your property remains watertight and aesthetically pleasing. We bring decades of industry experience to the job, and our rates are extremely competitive.

At Consider It Sealed Waterproofing, we are proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. All our work is backed by a 20-year warranty, and we are happy to tackle jobs at virtually all residential, commercial and industrial properties. We only source products from trusted brands–ensuring you get the best possible waterproofing for your money.

Call Consider It Sealed Waterproofing for a free quote today on 0423 351 941. From Nobbys Beach to Charlestown, we service the entire Newcastle region and surrounds.

Why Choose Our Business?

When you choose our Newcastle waterproofing, concrete repair and joint sealing experts, you can count on receiving great value for money. Here are just a few reasons to choose us:

  • We are a family business with family values
  • We can tackle building, renovation & remodelling projects of all sizes
  • We offer a 20-year warranty for all our services
  • We work with specialised epoxy grouting products to afford long-lasting stability
  • We offer caulking to keep your home protected from noise pollution, insects & draughts
  • We won’t be happy with the final results until you are

Get in touch with Consider It Sealed Waterproofing today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our wide-ranging Newcastle waterproofing services are second to none. We can apply advanced waterproofing solutions for bathrooms, decks, rooftops, retaining walls, decks, planter boxes and more. Our technicians offer flexible, fully bonded sheet membranes to achieve the best results.

Our Newcastle joint sealing professionals work with advanced silicone, acrylic and polyurethane sealants. You can depend on us to service bathrooms, laundries, driveways, balconies and virtually all other common areas. With our help, you can keep insects, noise pollution, damage and decay at bay–without breaking your budget.

In addition to being an eyesore, broken concrete can pose a tripping hazard and undermine the integrity of your property. Fortunately, we provide concrete repairs in Newcastle. Our expert technicians will service slabs, walls, masonry, foundations, floor coatings and columns. We work with carbon fibre crack lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Times will vary–depending on the size, nature and scope of the project. In the vast majority of cases, the waterproofing process can be completed within a couple of days. Waterproofing is non-invasive and could help you save thousands by preventing water damage.

Yes, but there are circumstances where this is not advised. For example, if there are substantial cracks in the concrete, or it’s not level, these issues will need to be corrected before new concrete can be applied. If there are impediments–such as tree roots–that could cause the concrete to lift and move, these will need to be removed first.

In most cases, caulk will take approximately 24-hours to dry. However, there are various fast drying caulk makes available to choose from. We recommend consulting with a licensed technician so that the best caulk can be applied for your project.