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Searching for an outstanding waterproofing service in Lake Macquarie? Have a leaking shower that needs immediate repairs? Got a damaged concrete surface that you want smoothed over? We at Consider It Sealed Waterproofing have you covered! Our seasoned technicians are fully licensed, insured and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We specialise in joint sealing as well as concrete repairs. Whether you need our services for a residential, commercial or industrial property, we’ll get the job done to the highest standard.

At Consider It Sealed Waterproofing, we are all about helping you maintain leak-free surfaces and fixtures. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we will rapidly get to the source of the issue. However, because prevention is better than cure in all circumstances, we will install strong waterproofing membranes. We apply to waterproof for roofs, bathrooms, planter boxes, retention walls and other common areas.

Call Consider It Sealed Waterproofing for a free quote today. You can reach us on 0423 351 941. From Morisset to Toronto and all areas in between, we service the entire Lake Macquarie region.

Reasons to Choose Us

At Consider It Sealed Waterproofing, we have a stellar reputation for providing the waterproofing Lake Macquarie clients prefer. The following are just a few reasons to consider our team:

  • We are a family-owned & operated business with family values
  • We can help with building, remodelling, renovation & repair projects of all sizes
  • We can apply caulking & waterproofing to the interior & exterior of your property
  • We can apply specialised epoxy grouting
  • We offer caulking to keep out noise pollution, bugs &, most importantly, moisture
  • We use reliable sealants for all the jobs we undertake

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Protect your premises from water damage the simple and cost-effective way with our waterproofing services in Lake Macquarie. We apply state-of-the-art waterproof products for decks, bathrooms, kitchens, retaining walls, planter boxes, retention tanks and more. Flexible sheet membranes can also be applied.

Establish a protective barrier with our joint sealing services in Lake Macquarie. We work with advanced silicone, acrylic and polyurethane sealant products. Our team offer joint sealing for all common property areas – including bathrooms, laundries, driveways and balconies. We’ll also provide joint sealing at your workplace.

Our experts in Lake Macquarie work with the latest carbon fibre crack lock systems to lift cracks from your concrete surfaces. We will provide concrete repairs for concrete slabs, walls, masonry, foundations, floor coatings, as well as columns. With our help, you can get your surfaces to look newly installed again in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, if you are laying concrete, it’s important to ensure the surface temperature is never less than 1.7°C. You should also make sure the concrete doesn’t have excessive water mixed in, and that brace formwork and formed joints are used. Concrete curing should commence as quickly as possible, and cooling should take place gradually.
Placing a fan near the caulking substance can help speed up the process. However, we recommend consulting with your caulking technician beforehand–as each caulking job is unique and may require additional curing time.
As a rule of thumb, we recommend arranging professional maintenance at least once every four months. This will help ensure your waterproof membrane retains its protective properties and integrity in the long run.